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Sentinel GS 2x50

Sentinel GS 2x50


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Pulsar Sentinel GS 2x50

The Pulsar Sentinel Gen Super/CF-Super Night vision scopes are designed for hunting at night with a air rifle, rimfire or centrefire rifle.

Designed for vermin control at night these nightscopes are designed to allow viewing to 200meters in complete darkness.

  • Lightweight and Extremely durable titanium body.
  • Two Color range finding reticle/ Two colour mil-dot reticle
  • Variable reticle brightness adjustment
  • Built in IR illuminator with Focusable beam
  • Precision Internal Windage/Elevation Adjustment
  • Quick Power Up
  • Vertical Positioning of the battery ensures uninterrupted power supply when shooting
  • Stabilized Power Supply
  • Weaver MIL STD 1913 Rail
  • Remote control with secure attachment

Internal Focusing: The optical system employs an internal focusing mechanism (from 5m to Infinity) with definite click-stop focus positions. The focusing provides clear images at extremely short distances as well as optimising quality at all distances within the riflescopes working range.

Protective Lens Cap: The lens cap is permanently attached to the body to prevent it being lost, and can be slid back down the body when observing or shooting

Two Colour, Ultra Fine Range Finding reticle: The Sentinel reticle has a brightness control option and a range finding scale to facilitate adjustment when shooting at different distances (provided the shooter knows the size of the target). Initially the riflescope should be sighted at a known range, on the central cross hair.

Distance is determined by placing a target with known width between the marks of the ranging chevrons. If the target fits between the marks, you should make the vertical adjustment accordingly. Thus you can make adjustments when shooting at distances of 15, 25, 50, and 100m.

The reticle colour can be switched at any time from green on green to red on green to optimize performance depending on the contrast of the target/vegetation.

CF-Super Image Intensifier Tube: At the core of the Sentinel GS line is the  unique combination of specially designed R-Contact optics and the CF-Super Image Intensifier tube, created specifically for each other such that they will not work with any other system. The result of this exclusive technological development is the highest edge to edge resolution performance ever seen in a budget consumer NV product.

Comfortable in use and dependable, the Sentinel GS riflescopes offer the best performance currently available in budget intensifier tube night vision systems.

Remote Control: The remote control has 3 buttons, two duplicate the On/Off function of the device and IR illuminator. The third button is intended for a quick start-up of the riflescopes and IR illuminator (the device works only when the button is kept pressed). This function is very convienient when constant observation is not required or you just want the IR on momentarily.

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