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Zeiss Victory Varipoint IC 2.5-10x50

Is the rifle cocked, then the illuminated reticle is on. With the iC concept from two innovation leaders, Blaser and Carl Zeiss, this is always the case. Activating the illuminated reticle in crucial moments will no longer be forgotten. For the first time, rifle and rifle scope are synchronized in their functions. In the same moment the hunter cocks the R93 or R8 rifle, the illuminated reticle of his Varipoint rifle scope switches on. A small magnetic encoder in the cocking slide of the R93ic or R8ic is connected to a sensor on the underside of the Varipoint ocular thus activating the illuminated reticle. This results in a calmer approach to the moment before the shot is taken. 

The following situation is well known to many hunters: Silently and unexpectedly your game comes into view, the window of opportunity for a clear shot is limited. Your pulse is racing as you mount the rifle, aim and then realize your illuminated reticle is not activated. With the R93ic or R8iC events like this are things of the past: the hunter carefully mounts the rifle, silently pushes the cocking lever forward and aims accurately thanks to the illuminated reticle which was automatically activated when the rifle was cocked. 

The advantages of the iC concept are crystal clear: even when being under great pressure, forgetting to switch on the illuminated dot can not happen. The illuminated reticle is activated and remains illuminated as long as the rifle is cocked. Right hand shooters will enjoy the ergonomic design of the R93 or R8 iC cocking lever because there is no need to remove your forward hand to activate the illuminated reticle. Shooter and rifle are connected as one unit. This innovative feature also benefits left hand shooters because they do not need to release the pistol grip to activate the illuminated reicle. 

Every R93 or R8 can be retrofitted to accept the iC system. The Blaser dealer sends the bolt assembly to the Blaser factory where the iC cocking slide can be fitted.

2.5-10x50 (Reticle 69)

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